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Traditional Potato Cheese Balls Easy Recipe

Traditional Potato Cheese Balls Easy Recipe

These Potato Cheese Balls are an easy to make appetizer which is crunchy from outside and gooey and cheesy from inside. Bored at home want to have something cheesy something crispy and tasty . So here we go with cheese balls easy recipe. And not so time consuming you can make it at home.

Traditional Potato Cheese Balls Easy Recipe


  • Boiled potato (1 cup)
  • Greated mozzarella cheese
  • Cheese cubes ( 2)
  • Belpaper
  • Onion
  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Corn flour
  • Plain flour (maida)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Oil
  • Red chili flakes( ½ TSP )
  • Salt
  • Oregano ( ½ Tsp )

Traditional Potato Cheese Balls Easy Recipe

In a bowl take 1 cup of boiled potato . Add some veggies in it. I’m using carrot, Onion, Belpaper in it and also red chilli flakes, oregano .and salt as per taste Add grated mozzarella cheese in it . Some grated garlic and grate cheese cubes and mix it well .

Mix everything Well and make a dough. Make small balls and roll nicely . Use some breadcrumbs to cover your balls. Breadcrumb is not stick well so we’ll make a paste . Take 6 TSP of corn flour and 6 TSP of plain flour add salt according to the taste . Be careful while adding salt because we’ve already added it in our balls. Mix it well and add water in it . Deep our balls in it and then again deep them in breadcrumbs .

Roll them well so that they won’t break while frying. Now our cheese balls are ready let’s fry them . You can keep it in freezer for upto 1 month and have any time you want While frying make sure your balls won’t break otherwise it create mess for us . While frying if you heard sizzling sound then just take balls out and again fry them fry all the balls . Your cheese ball is ready serve it with ketchup .

Traditional Potato Cheese Balls Easy Recipe

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