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Top 5 Onam Special Taste Of Kerala Harvest Festival

Top 5 Onam Special Taste Of Kerala Harvest Festival10-day harvest festival of Kerala also celebrates the popular legend of King Mahabali who sacrificed his life for his subjects.

 This is a day of merriment and of course loads of food. And when it comes to food, there has to be a grand sadhya (feast). This sadhya traditionally comprises of Top 5 Onam Special Taste Of Kerala Harvest Festival or more vegetarian dishes and is served on a banana leaf. The entire gathering is served one dish at a time, starting with salt, upperi and sharkara varatti, followed by all the other dishes, rice and ending with payasam . This is the one day when Keralites gladly denounce their love for meat.

Top 5 Onam Special Taste Of Kerala Harvest Festival

So if you’re in the Onam spirit or just want to eat the scrumptious dishes served, here’s a look at the 5 food items:

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1. Rice

Top 5 Onam Special Taste Of Kerala Harvest Festival

Rice is the main item in an Onam sadhya. It is always the semi polished brown Kerala or red rice. The brown rice is not only tastier than the polished rice but is also very nutritious. It is a powerhouse of nutrient content and health benefits and is always a better choice than white rice. It gives you fiber, protein and selenium.

2. Pachadi

Top 5 Onam Special Taste Of Kerala Harvest Festival

Pachadi is nothing but a traditional Kerala recipe of vegetables or fruits such as cucumber or pineapple cooked using yogurt and coconut paste. The special flavor of this pachadi comes from the freshly grounded mix of grounded coconut, cumin and green chilly and makes it an awesome dish.

3. Puliyinchi

Top 5 Onam Special Taste Of Kerala Harvest Festival

Puliyinchi is a hot and sour dish made up of ginger, tamarind, green chilies, and jaggery.The paste like consistency sweet and sour chutney goes well with everything. This sweet and sour side dish will add a tangy twist to your Sadya.

4. Pappadam

Pappadam is just like a regular pappad, a ready to fry round wafer. Guruvayoor pappadums are very popular in Kerala Onam Sadhya.

5. Thoran

Thoran is a dry vegetable dish made with sauted vegetables of all kinds. The mix of vegetables used is such as peas, green beans, raw jack fruit, carrots, or cabbage (usually) with grated coconut. The goodness of vegetables along with the falvour of coconut is a tasty and healthy combination.

We wish you happy Onam. Celebrate the spirit of the harvest festival, have a nice feast!


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