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Top 4 Ekadashi Fasting Recipes


Top 4 Ekadashi Fasting Recipes   Ekadashi is an auspicious day for Hindus. it comes twice in the Hindu calender month and falls on 11th day of each moon cycle (on dark and bright lunar phase). Thus there are around 24 Ekadashi in a year and each has its own significance. E.g. ashadi Ekadashi is the most important Ekadasi in the state of maharashtra.

Fasting food is meant to be light and easy to digest. so that it does not pull you down energetically and you can easily devote your mind to the spiritual practices like mantra chanting, reading spiritual books or remembering the name of god or practicing meditation or your spiritual sadhana. E.g. “om namo bhagavate vasudevaya” – is a powerful mantra which you can chant on this day.

1. Sabudana Vada

Top 4 Ekadashi Fasting Recipes

A popular snack or dinner recipe made from tapioca pearls, potato and spices, sabudana vada is LOVED by most people. It is a deep fried recipe that needs a handful of ingredients.

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2. Rajgira Paratha

Top 4 Ekadashi Fasting Recipes

Parathas made from amaranth flour with potatoes and spices, these are perfect to enjoy with a side of stir fried potatoes or kadhi. These gluten-free parathas are easy to make and can be made before hand and served as required.

3. Buff Vada

Top 4 Ekadashi Fasting Recipes

Deep fried rounds of potato filled with delicious salty, sweet and spicy mixture of coconut, pattice is a family favorite. Also called as Buff vada in certain places, this tastes best with some cilantro chutney on the side.

4. Dudhi Barfi

Top 4 Ekadashi Fasting Recipes

What is fasting without a delicious dessert. Bottle gourd is a vegetable that finds application in fasting recipes. Making barfi using that is a great idea to satisfy the craving sweet tooth! Plus, easy to make and super delicious.

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