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Top 10 Winter Drinks To Add To Your Nutrition List-2020

Top 10 Winter Drinks To Add To Your Nutrition List This Season

Winter is all about snuggling up in a comforter with Top 10 Winter Drinks beverage to warm you up!

So as winter is knocking at our doors in India; it’s time for the hot and soothing drinks to make its arrival with Top 10 Winter Drinks.

Did you know If you are still thinking to start sipping on those winter-special beverages ,and so  here’s a list that will make you crave for your favourite winter drinks right away!

Masala Chai

Top 14 Winter Drinks

Masala chai is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

We Indians are obsessed with the ‘mightea’ masala chai!

Obviously it can be tagged as the official winter drink.

Nothing can beat the spiced and herbed kulhar-wali masala chai on your morning walks, or Dhaba visits on chilly winter days.

The extract of life will help you cope with a cold winter day.

The homemade masala chai variants are to really die for! After all, it’s chai!

Hot Chocolate

Top 14 Winter Drinks

Hot Chocolate is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

A list of winter-beverages is incomplete without hot chocolate.

A chocolate lover’s delight, Hot chocolate is a rich and indulgent concoction full of chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon ( optional) and milk. It’s best-enjoyed piping hot.

A dollop of whipped cream or some marshmallows works wonders with it.

As a result No-one can and should refuse to the hot chocolate in winters. It’s an offence!

Mulled Wine

Top 10 Winter Drinks

Mulled Wine is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

An integral part of the holiday traditions and the cold season mulled wine is a wine infused with spices like cinnamon, cloves, raisins, and nutmeg.

It makes for the perfect party drink. Served  as both hot and cold, mulled wine has a plethora of variations to it which are mostly region-specific, for instance

It is alcoholic and easy to make and oh-so-cosy!

Badam Milk

Top 10 Winter Drinks

Badam Milk is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

A very healthy and delicious Indian household drink, Badam milk induced in the flavour of almonds is a comforting winter beverage.

It is often delighted up with some spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to make it more delicious,for instance.

If you are not a fan of spice, then the classic Badam milk sweetened with some sugar is good enough to keep you warm.

Hot Toddy

Top 10 Winter Drinks

Hot Toddy is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

Looking for a comforting drink ? Hot toddy to the rescue! It is a beverage with whiskey, spices, honey and some sugar.

A blend of all these ingredients makes for pure indulgence,for instance

As a result It’s perfect for you and will help you to keep yourself warm in the biting winters.


Top 10 Winter Drinks

Shorba is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

Not exactly a traditional beverage but soup or stew to drink  but Shorba is a Mughalai dish. North Indians and Hyderabadi’s make their own variants.

It is  prepared by simmering meat with water, aromatic spices ,herbs which looks zesty and spicy to extend some heat! .

A Middle-Eastern delicacy is being acting as the perfect prologue to your winter meals.


Rasam is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

This fantastic traditional South Indian soup is simply hard to resist. The hot tangy Rasam infused with loads of tamarind and tomatoes is super soothing.

If you are crazy for South Indian foods, you should not miss out on Rasam. A hearty bowl of Rasam is really enough to make you snuggly in winters.

Turmeric and Honey in Warm Skimmed Milk

Turmeric & Honey Milk is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

Haldi and honey is a pretty golden combination that works like a charm when mixed with milk.

Looking at the health benefits of Haldi beating your fatigue and the honey comforting your senses and keeping you warm, it is the go-to winter drink.

I would suggest to drink a glass before bed, and you’ll have the best-snuggly sleep!

Kesaria Doodh

Kesar Milk is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

The goodness of the opulent Indian spice- Kesarinfused in milk and nuts is simply divine.

It can be calked an aromatic drink is the perfect way to end your winter day.

It’s not just a rich drink but also a healthy one as saffron contains antioxidants, as a result  aiding your nutrition.

With health benefits and delicious taste, how can you refuse it?


Kadha is among Top 10 Winter Drinks

Known as predecessor of masala chai, kadha was consumed for its nutritional and medicinal qualities.

If u ask your mother about beating the cold; she’ll definitely make a glass of heavenly kadha for you.

Kadha may not be very palate-pleasing at first for some, however it’s great to keep the winter chill at bay once you gulp it down!


I am Manasvi Ravi Phulawade The Author, Cook, Baker and Photographer behind Art of Palate.

My primary goal is to treat you the way I like to be treated, which means, if you have any questions, feel free to hit the comments section?. I will be happy to share what I have learned so far.

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