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Ah, the cupcake. The first known recipe was published in 1796, with instructions for “a cake to be baked in small cups”. Today the grab-and-go treat is ubiquitous, and shows no signs of stopping its sugary reign. A trending pop culture favorite, cupcakes have also inspired new foodie twists and imaginative decorated takes on the classic frosted version. Are you tempted yet?


Number one couldn’t be anything other than this popular cupcake flavor: red velvet.

When you picture this dessert, you probably imagine this flavor, right? Red velvet cupcakes have such an awesome flavor, and since one of the ingredients is cocoa powder, they do have kind of a chocolate flavor which is always appreciated. They’re topped with cream cheese frosting which is a perfect compliment. Sometimes they’re made with red food coloring (okay, most of the time) but you can make a homemade version with beets.

Who wants a cupcake?! They’re so small that you can definitely have two…

   2. LAMAN


Lemon cupcakes are one of the most delicious flavors. Lemon is just plain refreshing, and the combination of a moist lemon-flavored cake with a sweet citrusy frosting is amazing.

Lemon cupcakes, therefore, are number 12 on this list, and although they didn’t make it into the top ten flavors, they are still worth eating when you want a sweet treat. They’re not quite as incredible and magical as some other cupcake flavors, but they are worthy of adoration for sure.


TOP 20

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It’s funny to think that just a few years ago, no one was talking about salted caramel, and now it’s seriously all the rage.

Salted Caramel is awesome in so many different kinds of desserts, including cupcakes, which is why it’s number ten on this list of 25 cupcake flavors. Salted Caramel cupcakes are wonderful. Sometimes these have caramel inside of the cake part, which is epic, and the frosting will either have caramel inside of it or the cupcake will be drizzled with caramel. Oh yes. We love this flavor.



Continuing the trend of taking traditional desserts and turning them into cupcakes is the Black Forest cupcake.

These are only good if you love whipped cream since they tend to have frosting made out of that. If you just want a chocolate cupcake, you might not want all the fanfare and you might want to order (or make) a plain chocolate cupcake instead. But when you want something a bit different but still with the chocolate flavor that you enjoy, this is a good flavor to turn to.

    5. KEY LIME

Key lime cupcakes sound fun since everyone loves key lime pie (or at least everyone should). The specific combination of light and airy meringue with key limes is delicious.

Putting key lime into a cupcake? We might not be lining up at a cupcake shop to order this flavor. First of all, the bright green color of the cupcake might be off-putting to some people, including kids (since kids hate green food, as we all know). And second of all, sometimes lime-flavored baked goods have a sickly sweet taste.



A Mint Chocolate cupcake tends to mean that mint-flavored frosting covers the top of a chocolate cupcake, and we think that this is a really good idea.

We’ve made it to number nine on this list, and this flavor has definitely earned its place. It’s number nine and not higher up because this is a specialty flavor that you can’t find everywhere, and cupcakes should be an equal opportunity thing where the best flavors are available at many stores and bakeries. But this is quite the epic flavor combo, especially if you love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

     7. VANILLA


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If some people think that vanilla is a boring cake or ice cream flavor, it’s funny because it’s definitely not considered to be a dull cupcake flavor. In fact, it’s one of the most classic and beloved flavors ever, which is why it’s number three on this list.

There is something so delicious about a vanilla cupcake. It’s honestly perfectly sweet and it doesn’t even need any chocolate chips or anything added to it. When you eat one, you’re satisfied and happy (although, of course, you could still eat two).

     8 .COCONUT

The worst cupcake flavor and number 25 on this list has got to be coconut. Do you crave a coconut cupcake? No, you definitely don’t.

The thing about this cupcake flavor is that no one really wants to eat it. It’s either going to have a weird bitter aftertaste or it’s going to be packed with way too much sugar to make up for how strong coconut tastes. A chocolate coconut cupcake might be slightly better but it’s still not very good.

      9. CARTE CAKE

In this age of hybrid desserts, it makes sense that people would put carrot cake flavors into a cupcake. That doesn’t mean that this is something that should have ever happened.

Carrot Cake cupcakes are number 22 on this list. The problem is that they end up tasting way too much like a muffin (and, therefore, like something healthy). A carrot cake cupcake just doesn’t give you the feeling that you’re biting into a sweet cupcake like other flavors do. If you want a carrot muffin, then go for it.


Chocolate Raspberry end up tasting kind of strange because the fruit flavor always tastes on the fake side. Even if it’s not, there’s something about this flavor combination that makes it seem that way.

When we want chocolate cupcakes, we honestly just want those, and we don’t need raspberry (or any other fruit) to be part of the dessert party. What about a double chocolate cupcake with a super rich frosting? Now we’re talking. We could totally go for one (or a few, who’s counting?) of that flavor.

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