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Sandwich Recipes 10 Collection of Sandwich Recipes

Sandwich Recipes Collection of10 delicious veg sandwich recipes – sandwich makes for a quick breakfast or snack when you are short of time or want to eat something in hurry.

1. Veg sandwich – spiced street food snack of toast sandwiches from Mumbai. What adds spice to the veg sandwich is the spicy coriander chutney, black.

Sandwich Recipes 10 Collection of Sandwich Recipes

2. Mayonnaise sandwich recipe – easy and quick to prepare mayo sandwich recipe. you can add the veggies depending on what you have. Cabbage, carrots, bell pepper (capsicum), steamed corn kernels tastes good in a mayo stuffing.


3. Potato sandwich – to make these grilled sandwiches with a spiced potato stuffing is very easy. All you need are some boiled potatoes, spices, butter and bread.


4. Chocolate sandwich recipe – quick easy grilled chocolate sandwich made with choco chips. This sandwich is a quick and easy to prepare sweet snack. kids love these sandwiches and even grown ups cannot say no to them if they are chocolate lovers.


5. Capsicum sandwich recipe – quick and easy capsicum cheese toast sandwich. These sandwiches are not spicy and hence kid friendly. They are fairly easy to assemble and prepare.


6. Paneer sandwich recipe – simple and easy breakfast or snack idea of grilled paneer sandwich. The recipe shared is an Indian style paneer sandwich which includes green chutney, spices and herbs.


7. Corn cheese toast recipe – a simple and easy toast sandwich stuffed with corn which has been seasoned with herbs and cheese.


8. Curd sandwich – quick and easy sandwich recipe with a spiced veggie curd filling.


9. Veg cheese sandwich – Bombay style vegetable cheese toast sandwich. cheesy toast sandwiches.


10. Corn sandwich recipe – the filling for this corn sandwich is Italian inspired with tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil.


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