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Rajasthani Thali – 5 Rajasthani Recipes Veg Dishes

Rajasthani Thali –  5 Rajasthani Recipes Veg Dishes is a traditional delicious meal where you have an array of traditional Rajasthani dishes served in a platter. I have posted different Rajasthani Thalis earlier but seriously this cuisine is one of our favorites and there are so many dishes that still need to come on the blog.

Today’s Rajasthani Thali is a very special Thali as it has been prepared by a true Rajasthani lady, who happens to be an excellent cook and my very dear friend. We are friends since the very first day of school and fortunately, both are married in the same city. Time and again I have taken her help regarding menus, recipes, but this time I am a step ahead. The whole Thali has been prepared by her and we ate the meal together and what a delicious meal.

The menu for today’s meal

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1. Goond  Ki Ladoo

Rajasthani Thali - 5 Rajasthani Recipes Veg Dishes

Goond is an edible gum extracted from bark of a tree. They provide heat to the body and so it is consumed during winters. They are available in the form of crystals and you need to deep fry them in ghee before adding to the ladoo mixture. Wheat flour and sugar are the other ingredients used and I added some chopped pistachios for a crunchy texture. It was absolutely delicious. I also shared it with my neighbour and she liked it so much and the next day she made it at her home which pleased everyone there. If you couldn’t find goond, then omit it and you will get delicious wheat ladoos. Click on the name for the recipe link.

2. Bajiri Ki Roti

Rajasthani Thali - 5 Rajasthani Recipes Veg Dishes

Bajra is a nutritious and gluten free millet. These rotis go very well with curries. As this flour is gluten free, you need to use hot water to make the dough. Otherwise you will not be able to roll out rotis. Once hot water is added the dough becomes a little bit softer and will hold together. Even then rolling out the roti is a tough work. You need to do it with patience.

3. Gatte Ki Kadhi

Rajasthani Thali - 5 Rajasthani Recipes Veg Dishes

Gatte are gram flour dumplings which have a special place in Rajasthani cuisine. Curries, kadhi and pulao are some of the dishes in which gatte are incorporated. Besan along with some spices is made into a stiff dough. It is then divided and rolled into logs. These logs are boiled in water and the cooked logs are cut into bite sized pieces. these are the gatte and these are used in this kadhi to make a delicious side for rice.

4. Kesar Malai Lassi

Rajasthani Thali - 5 Rajasthani Recipes Veg Dishes

Lassi is a perfect cool beverage served during meals. This lassi is rich because of the cream and saffron. It is very easy to make and is perfect for this scorching heat. Though saffron essence is used, I used saffron strands instead. It made the lassi flavourful and colourful.  I used curd instead of cream as I thought it would be very heavy after a heavy meal. The tang form the curd paired very nice with the lassi.

5. Bhoondhi Chaas

Chaas is made with buttermilk and is a traditional drink of Rajasthani cuisine. Boondhi is added 1 hour befroe serving and the chaas is refrigerated. During meals this cool chaas is served. The boondhis will become soft because of the soaking and it will be delicious. Though I refrigerated this chaas, I added some crisp boondhis while serving to give a nice crunch to the drink. I also made the boondhi at home and the combination of boondhi and tangy buttermilk was fabulous.

Enjoy your Royal Rajasthani Thali – 5 Rajasthani Recipes Veg Dishes !!!

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