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Doughnut Recipe it is typically prepared with all purpose Flour or maida. Further it is fermented using yeast or baking powder. The fermented dough is later shaped to Ring shape with a Hole in centre. And later deep fried till golden brown. Further it is glazed with Cream, Jam , Chocolate Syrup , Icing sugar or even fruit and our DOUGHNUTS are ready to Eat.



  • Refined Flour -250 Grams.

  • Powdered Sugar – 30 Grams.

  • Yeast – 15 Grams.

  • Butter – 10 Grams.

  • Egg – 1.

  • Milk – 75 Ml.

  • Vanilla essence – 1/2 Tsp.

  • Pinch of Salt.

  • Refined Oil for Deep frying.

Method of Preparing Doughnuts.

  1. Take a bowl add 15 Grams of yeast to it. Then add 1 cup of warm water to it.
  2. Add powder sugar to the bowl and mix it with 2 Fingers such that yeast will get activate properly.DOUGHNUTS||Homemade DOUGHNUTS Recipe.
  3. It will hardly take 10 minutes to Activate the Yeast.This process is called as fermentation process.
  4. Take another bowl add 250 grams of Flour to it and then add our activated yeast mixture to it.
  5. Start Kneeding the dough add water if needed stretch it properly.DOUGHNUTS||Homemade DOUGHNUTS Recipe.
  6. Add 1 Egg to it and again start Kneeding it properly.

For more information about how to make a dough. Different steps which we should follow while making a Dough.

  1. Add 15 Grams if butter to our dough and kneed it again.DOUGHNUTS||Homemade DOUGHNUTS Recipe.
  2. Take a another bowl . Brush it with oil, put our dough into the bowl sprinkle some water from top and clean wrap the bowl.
  3. Keep the bowl in a warm place for Resting.
  4. Till our dough is double in size it will hardly take 20 minutes.
  5. After Resting is done kneed the dough again with soft hands.
  6. Dont rub it.
  7. Take 300 Ml of Refined Oil and on low flame let it get medium hot.
  8. Dust some flour on the base and with the help of Rolling pin (Belan) Roll down our dough it should be thick.
  9. Use cookie cutter to cut our DOUGHNUTS. And if you don’t have cookie cutter you can use any anything which has sharp edges to cut out doughnuts.
  10. When the oil is medium hot . Deep fry our DOUGHNUTS till they get light Brownish colour.DOUGHNUTS||Homemade DOUGHNUTS Recipe.

Our DOUGHNUTS are ready to it. Doughnuts texture should be little hard from outside and very soft from inside. You can make sugar syrup , chocolate Syrup u can dust some powder sugar on top, we can deep one side of our DOUGHNUTS into melted white chocolate or dark Chocolate and we can make it more tasty.



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