Best Indian Recipes for Dinner

Thinking what to cook for dinner tonight? We’ve got you covered with the best of our Indian dinner recipes to spruce up your dinner table.

  • A light and early dinner in the summers helps in easy digestion
  • Cucumber, tulsi seeds, melons, etc keeps you cool and hydrated in summers
  • Check our our summer special recipes that you’ll love cooking at home

Here are our 12 best Indian dinner recipes, from scrumptious biryanis to lip smacking curries and kebabs that you and your family can enjoy this summer. With temperature’s rising, we’ve also included tips and tricks on cooking in the heat.

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1.  Vermicelli Chicken Biryani

Vermicelli is a versatile, healthier ingredient that you can replace or add to any recipe to make a healthier version of it. You can enjoy your favourite biryani recipe packed with mouth-watering, rich spices such as malabar peppercorns, cardamoms, cloves and red chilli powder. Just replacing rice with vermicelli and cooking with the same spices and herbs would make all the difference! Don’t believe us? Then, try it yourself and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

2. Guilt-Free Galouti Kebab  

If you want good food but kind that doesn’t go straight to your hip, then here’s the perfect recipe. Soft and succulent galouti kebabs made with olive oil and pure ghee. Just the right mutton appetizer you have been searching for, made absolutely in a healthy way!

Best Indian Recipes for Dinner

 3. Dum Paneer Kali Mirch

A lovely take on the unusual paneer gravy: Small chunks of paneer cooked with cinnamon, fried onions, black pepper, ginger, garlic and yogurt to make this gorgeous and fragrant curry. Paneer cubes are cooked in flavourful spices in a dum or pressure, where steam can’t release, making it a dish bursting with aromatic flavours.

Best Indian Recipes for Dinner

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4. Shahi Egg Curry

Eggs are a versatile food that can be cooked for any meal of the day. From breakfast to dinner, it can be a go-to food. Here is a mildly-spice

Best Indian Recipes for Dinner


5. Makhmali Kofte

A rich gravy made of khus khus, coconut and milk that tastes best with koftas made from khoya. This velvety and creamy recipe will leave you licking your fingers. Makhmali kofte can be your go-to dish for dinner parties as this is quite different from other kofta recipes and extremely delicious.

Best Indian Recipes for Dinner

6. Ajwaini Paneer Kofta Curry 

Made with rock salt, this paneer recipe is perfect for the fasting days as well besides being superbly delicious for a great dinner treat to your family too!

Best Indian Recipes for Dinner


7. Palak Paneer

A favourite dinner recipe, palak paneer is a luscious gravy dish that you can savour with rice or roti. It has cottage cheese (paneer) chunks doused in a thick, flavourful spinach curry. Spinach is one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables that you can include in your diet. Loaded with fibre, vitamin A and antioxidants, spinach (palak) is one healthy yet delicious vegetable to cook for dinner.

Best Indian Recipes for Dinner

These healthy Indian dinner recipes would make sure you have the best of both healthy and tasty in your dinner meal.

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