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Best Homemade Recipe Schezwan Sawas

Best Homemade Recipe Schezwan Sawas

Schezwan sauce is a spicy sauce which is made up of dry red chillies with some spices. It is a fusion of indo chienese dish. Recipe for schezwan sauce is quite easy to make if you are soaking the chillies rightly. Schezwan sauce is a type of sauce which looks spicy and red but it so not that much chilly to taste. You can serve schezwan sauce with any chienese dish which don’t have strong smell. Many people afraid to make schezwan sauce at home but it is very easy to make. It took 45 minutes to make this at home.

Best Homemade Recipe Schezwan Sawas

Why to make recipe for Schezwan sauce at home:-

It is easily available in market also.But homemade schezwan sauce is more healthy and safe. Why to make waste in shops of you can make it at home. Also there is no artificial flavours. Here I’m sharing the recipe which I have recently followed to make it at home and it turned out spicy and tasty. Just follow the procedure and tips to make it at home.

Best Homemade Recipe Schezwan Sawas


  1. 150 gram dry red chilly
  2. 75 gram by adgi mirchi or Kashmiri chilly
  3. 8-9 tbsp oil
  4. 1 finely chopped garlic
  5. 5 tbsp chopped ginger
  6. 1 and half tbsp soya sauce
  7. 4 tbsp tomato sauce
  8. 1 tbsp sugar
  9. 1tbsp vinegar
  10. Salt to taste
  11. 1 tbsp White pepper powder
  12. A pinch Black pepper powder
  13. Schezwan pepper (optional)

Recipe for schezwan sauce:-

First of all, break the red chilies into two parts. And remove all the seeds from it. There are 2 ways to soak chillies.

1. Soak it in water for 4-5 hours. Then boil it for 5 minutes.

2. But if are in hurry, then follow the following procedure:-

Soak the chillies in water for 30-35 minutes. Don’t throw that water. We will boil the chillies with the help of this water. Turn on the gas flame. Put a kadai on it and add water and add red chillies. Boil them for atleast 20 minutes until they become soft. Soaking of chillies is most important process of Schezwan sauce.

While boiling press it with the big spoon. Later, cover the kadai and boil it for 5-7 minutes. Make sure your gas flame is between low to medium. In results you can see a soft chillies.

Boiling the red chillies helps to maintain consistency of the puree. Switch off the gas flame, and let the puree cool down to the room temperature.

Transfer the chillies into the blender and grind it. Don’t grind too much. Make a thick paste of red chilly. Don’t add water. Make sure your blender is dry.

Now on the other side, put a pan. Add 9-10 tbsp oil. Heat it for 1 minute. Then add finely chopped ginger and garlic.cook until the rawness goes away. It will take 1-2 minutes. Cook both toghether until it turns to golden colour. Then add the grind red chilly puree which we have made before. Mix them all together. And saute if or 2 minutes on medium flame.

If you want to make consistency of sauce,then add the water step by step. Then cover it and cook for 5 minutes until all the flavours mix toghether. Then add tomato sauce,soya sauce and vinegar and salt into it. Mix all the ingredients well. Cook for more 2 minutes.

After making the sauce:-

let it cool down to room temperature and transfer it to jar. Make sure your jar is made up of glass. Keep it in refrigerator,don’t keep it in freezor. If you want it for many days then add more oil while making sauce.

Tips ( Recipe for Schezwan sauce)

  • I have used bedki mirchi with red chillies for decrease the level of spiciness and to make consistency of spice.
  • Don’t blend too much. Make sure blender is dry. Don’t add water while blending.
  • Ads more amount of oil if you want a floating and longer life schezwan sauce.
  • Schezwan sauce stays Best for 2-3 weeks.
  • You can use any chilly but I have used byadgi mirchi and kashmiri chilly for better colour,taste and consistency.
  • Don’t forget to add sugar,it helps to decrease the spiciness of sauce little more. It tastes best.
  • Store the chutney when it gets cold otherwise it will smell and spoil.
  • You can add schezwan peppers if you want.

For serving:-

You can serve anything with Schezwan sauce. Everything goes best with Schezwan sauce like fried rice,schezwan fried rice, pulao, french fries,potato cutlet, cutlets, etc etc. Schezwan sauce is important while making gravies like manchurian gravy chilly, soya chilly etc. Chienese bhel is also incomplete without schezwan sauce. You can also make chienese bhel with the help of Schezwan sauce at home.

Best Homemade Recipe Schezwan Sawas

Share your experience of making schezwan sauce with us and share some more tips. Comment down your views and any suggestions and any Recipe.we will really like to read your comments. Check out other posts also and visit again .


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