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Atta Ladoo Recipe

Atta Ladoo Recipe is a healthy and easy ladoo recipe that I tried few weeks back… This super surprised me as I didnt expect the taste to be this good.I loved it so much so did Mittu….The texture and flavour is amazing….Its healthier especially for kids…So what are you waiting for? make this homemade healthy sweet for your kids for this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • 1 cup whole wheat flour or 120 grams whole wheat flour
  •  cup sugar or organic unrefined cane sugar (60 grams) powdered, or ⅓ cup + 1 to 2 tablespoons powdered sugar, 60 grams
  •  cup ghee (clarified butter) at room temperature or 65 grams ghee
  • 1 tablespoon raisins – optional
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Instructions for making Atta Ladoo Recipe

  • Take1/3 cup sugar in a dry grinder or a small blenderAtta Ladoo Recipe
  • Grand to a fine powder and keep asideAtta Ladoo Recipe
  • Take 1 cup whole wheat flour in a kadai or a thick bottomed broad pan.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Keep the pan on a low flame or sim and begin to roast the whole wheat flour.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • You have to stir often while roasting the flour so that there is even roasting and browning.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Roast till the color changes and you get nutty aroma from the atta (whole wheat flour). About 7 to 10 minutes on a low flame. Timing will vary with the material, size and thickness of the pan.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Then add ⅓ cup ghee in the flour.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Begin to mix very well.
  • Keep on stirring and roasting this mixture for 3 to 5 minutes more. Again here the timing will vary with the material, size and thickness of the pan. It took me 4 minutes to get the roasting done at this step, due to the steel kadai I used.
  • Do check the taste of the whole wheat flour and it should feel cooked. There should be no rawness in the taste.
  • Switch off the flame. Keep the pan down and add the powdered sugar.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Add and mix very well with a spoon or spatula.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Break the sugar lumps if any in the ladoo mixture. The ladoos mixture has to be mixed very well.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • When the mixture is still hot and the heat is tolerable to you, take a heaped size portion of it in a spoon.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Use this portion to shape in to ladoos. The heat should be tolerable. If the heat is not tolerable, then wait for some minutes. Don’t burn your hands.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • medium sized ladoos from this whole mixture.
  • In case you are not able to form ladoos, then add a few teaspoons more of the ghee. Mix well and then continue to shape the ladoos.Atta Ladoo Recipe
  • Once done, store them in an air-tight box or jar. In the cold months, these stay good for a month. But in hot weather, do refrigerate.
  • Serve atta ladoos when required.
  • Atta Ladoo Recipe

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