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7 Easy Tricolor Recipes for Republic Day

7 Easy Tricolor Recipes for Republic Day

For many of us, Republic Day is a chance to watch the Indian flag being hoisted as well as to catch the grand parade on TV. But when we have kids, we also have a responsibility to involve them in the these celebrations and tell them about how our nation has progressed through the  years. Of course, it isn’t easy to talk to a 2 or 3 year old about such topics! However, you can involve them and make this a special day to celebrate, with themed foods and crafts. You can check our post on India themed crafts for toddlers and today, we have some easy tricolor recipes to make for this special day – sure to be loved by kids and adults alike!

1. India Gate Plate

7 Easy Tricolor Recipes for Republic Day

Delhi gets a lot of focus during the Republic Day celebrations and Little Food Junction has the perfect tribute to the capital city! This plate arrangement is simple but absolutely impressive!

2. Tricolor Sandwiches

7 Easy Tricolor Recipes for Republic Day

Sandwiches are popular among kids everywhere, and these tricolor sandwiches from Tarla Dalal make use of healthy fillings to bring out the colors. Perfect for a Republic Day party!

3. Tricolor Baked Crackers

7 Easy Tricolor Recipes for Republic Day

We are big fans of home-baked crackers and cookies, and these tricolor ones from Eating Well are just too good! Pureed vegetables add colors, making this quite a healthy snack!

4. Tricolor Dinner

This is probably the easiest dinner for Republic Day! All you need to do is arrange some curry, rice and a dry subzi in the right order, with a little papad in between.

5. Tricolor Halwa

After all that healthy food, everyone deserves a treat! Tasty Kitchen has a lovely tricolor halwa recipe that is the perfect dessert for a Republic day party! This recipe uses food colors, so you might want to avoid giving it to very young children.

6. Tricolor Pasta Salad

Kids love pasta, and a pasta salad is a healthy and easy option to get them to eat some vegetables. 4th Sense Cooking has the full recipe, so check it out!

7. Tricolor Rasgullas

7 Easy Tricolor Recipes for Republic Day

If you’re having guests at home, try making these soft, spongy rasgullas, colored to suit the day! Crave Cook Click shows you how to get that perfect color in rasgullas to represent the flag.

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