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Rice Recipe

Top 10 Biryanis of India

Top 10 Biryanis of India Hello Guys!!! Welcome to my page today I am gonna Share the Top 10 Biryanis of India with you. Lets check out all together…. Biryani, a brilliantly balanced amalgamation of spices and flavour, sparks craving in everyone. An experience of Indian cuisine is never complete without tasting the legendary, famous …

Ice cream


 Hello guys welcome to my page today I am giving you information about TOP 13  HOMEMADE ICE-CREAM .As you all know the scorching heat in India is UNBELIEVABLE.It is never too late involve yourself into these few summer HOMEMADE ICE-CREAM RECIPES. Cold, creamy ice cream is essential for surviving sweltering days in the South.And you …

Rice Recipe

Vegetable Fried Rice

Hello guys welcome to my page today Im share with you Chinese Recipe Vegetable Fried Rice Most popular fried rice recipe from Indo-Chinese cuisine. Very simple yet delicious veg fried rice. As you know that the chinese meal is not complete without any rice dish (it can be a simple steamed rice). On side gravy …